Welcome to the home of Abada Travel!

Abada Travel specializes in cruise vacations and is certified with Norwegian, Royal Caribbean & Carnival cruiselines... so far! And we are happy to research any other cruise, tour, or all-inclusive travel - we're even certified with Universal Resorts vacations!

We want you to have your dream vacation - not just once, but every time you travel, and we're dedicated to making that happen over and over again! What makes us truely unique is that we will never try to upsell you! We strive to get you the most for your money, while taking all your vaction-planning stress away.

Abada Travel a spin-off of the Lauren of All Trades blog, and can also be found on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Travel posts from our blog can be found on the left (...but only if you're on a computer!).


Interested in booking a vacation? Contact me at lauren@abadatravel.com, visit our Facebook page, chat with us in our Facebook group, or fill out the form below OR schedule a phone appointment to get started! So many options! We're happy to answer questions for any level of interest.

Want to get to know "Lauren" a little better (and confirm that Lauren isn't really a cartoon)? Read all about Lauren!