... I like chocolate. Also dinosaurs, Doctor Who, and cruises. Sometimes I  dabble in graphic design, photography, video production, and cooking & baking. The rest of my time is mostly spent watching a ton of a reasonable amount of movies and television when I'm not thinking, talking about, or currently on a cruise.

I didn't want to murder the hibiscus so I just took a photo with it.

I opened Abada Travel was because I was having so much fun researching and booking cruises that I decided that I should probably start doing it for other people! And I was right! I love finding the perfect cruise for clients that fits all their wants and needs and then getting vicarious enjoyment out of hearing about their adventure. While we specialize in cruise travel, we can absolutely work with you on whatever kind of travel floats your boat you most enjoy

Q: Why doesn't cartoon-Lauren have a nose?
A: Because I liked "me" better without a nose. I also don't have fingers, a rib cage, or feet.

Q: Why don't you use cartoons for your stories anymore?
A: Most of the time, my new stories have photos of what happened because digital cameras were invented. Maybe I'll Photoshop cartoon-me into some of the photos from now on for consistency.

Q: So, wait. If I ask you too book travel for me, you're not going to be doing it from your bed? Seems misleading...
A: No. I will be doing it from my desk. I'm no longer not a caveman.

Q: What kind of travel can you book for me?
A: I can book any kind of travel you want to do, but my familiarity with the cruise industry, from all my experience cruising, makes me better at booking cruises than other kinds of travel.